About List A

Introduction to List A Barristers

List A Barristers is Australia’s leading list of commercial and public law barristers.  Our barristers share a commitment to the values of independence, professional excellence, responsiveness, commerciality and intellectual rigour.

Formed in 1990 by several leading commercial barristers, List A is widely recognised as a pre-eminent list of commercial and public law barristers with a national and international reputation for professional excellence and superior quality in the provision of legal services.

List A has amongst its members the most distinguished leaders of the commercial Bar, with 52 Queen's Counsel and Senior Counsel and 79 junior commercial, corporate and public law barristers.

To engage Counsel or discuss availability please contact David Andrews, Senior Barristers’ Clerk on +61 3 9225 8444. David has 35 years' experience as a solicitor and an understanding of complex commercial disputes combined with an in-depth knowledge of the expertise and experience of List A Barristers.